Our Favourite Place is a programme that supports projects initiated and implemented by the community to enliven public spaces across Singapore to build community interactions and create shared memories.
Our Favourite Place


From geometric park benches and family-friendly picnic tables to a giant flying carpet grass swing, this community project injects life to this tranqu...
Kick back and relax with these tree-hugging urban furniture pieces! Under the shade, read a book, chat with friends or simply enjoy the tranquility of...
3Welcome to our Backyard!
A project which transforms an underutilized plot of land into a well-loved and identifiable space for the community.
4Project Bus Stop
A bus stop that makes commuting a fun and productive experience? That’s what Project Bus Stop hopes to achieve with a prototype model that could poten...
5Installations at Little India
This cheery art installation by Ms Marthalia Budiman, which takes inspiration from Little India’s rich heritage and urban landscape, was a participati...
Rekindle the kampung spirit in your neighbourhood with a friendly game of ping pong! KamPONG is a pop-up project that focuses on sparking interaction ...
Everyone Has A Part To Play
"Participation is not just about we do our thing and we do it independently. The ideal state is where it is balanced. It’s both from the top and the bottom, and people are hand in hand working together. "
- Jan Lim, Founder of Participate in Design
Everyone Has A Part To Play
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Everyone Has A Part To Play
Share with us your ideas on activating public spaces in your neighbourhood and apply for support today!
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Everyone Has A Part To Play
Everyone Has A Part To Play
Everyone Has A Part To Play